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Art tutorials: Never, ever, E V E R shade with flat black!!

me: [laughing, flood-filling half a character's face with good old color #000000]
All signs point to "I didn't make it into that art book." Oh well
I put together an album of progress images for the Papyrus & Sans masks:
In addition to the Gaster glitch art I also sent two cosplay photos and some pics of the Mettaton plushy to the G4G art book hoping SOMETHING would make it in and I'm nervous now lol :(
Papyrus, sans Sans
Papyrus solo shots from Tsubasacon 2016. Made, photographed, and edited by me. Worn by My-Little-Zodia, who also made the spaghetti prop.

Check… for other shots, including other cosplayers and silly or low-quality pics :)


K. Webb
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I pronounce it "Proto-twelve." I made Derp Megaman. Sorry.
My COOL DUDE Papyrus shimeji is almost done! I'm really happy with him. I did a lot of work with the code to add frames for smoother animation, as well as drawing new frames. For example, he has separate animations for walking, running, and dashing! Still to do:

- draw frames for crawling across bottom of screen, code work is done
- draw frames for grabbing mouse; don't think I'll have to do any code work?
- come up with some kind of animation for "pull up shimeji" action
- redo the frames for hanging from the top of the screen, maybe?
- an attempt at a totally new custom behavior

Then what? I dunno. Maybe I should get caught up on some other projects, like the Metal Kamen Riders, which includes settling on a price with the commissioner... I also have to finish my sis's costume, but I need more posterboard and haven't had a chance to get out and get any. But I do have an ever growing list of shimeji I want to do. They take a lot of work but they're so much fun, and great animation practice! What to do next...

- Mettaton NEO. Saying my sister is a huge Mettaton fan is a massive understatement, and I can't find a completed MTT Neo! I saw a work-in-progress one on tumblr, but the last post about it was 5 months ago. I wonder if the creator would give me their assets and let me finish it for them...? How would I start a conversation since I don't have a tumbly myself? Maybe I should just make my own assets instead. [EDIT: I have since signed up for tumblr so if don't worry about "onlysanscanjudgeme" taking credit for the now-completed Cool Dude shime because THAT'S ME]

- Babybones Papyrus and Sans. I've seen a couple of shimeji with two characters, and it looks pretty easy. You just have to draw both characters in each frame. Kinda hate to do one with Sans though. Even though I love both characters equally, there are SO many Sans shimeji already. Not counting any sort of AU stuff (Underswap etc) or the ones I'm working on, I have SIX Sanses and ONE Papyrus. So, yeah, there's no shortage of Sans shimeji, but I don't want to separate the skelbabbies.

- Gaster from Zarla's "Handplates" comics. Handplates is tied with "A Year Every Minute" for my favorite Undertale fan thing, and Gaster's design is so cool.…

- Handplates Papyrus & Sans

- ProtoRP Metal, for personal use since no one else from that old RP is interested in shimeji... (the robit in the foreground here: Speedmetal). Also finishing and improving animations for ProtoRP Quick (the robit in the background)

- The Papyrus amalgamate from HELP_tale… I've already done a couple of animations: idle animation, walk cycle, and being held by the mouse, but I dunno. I mostly just thought it would be funny to take this horrific thing and make it chibi. Doing a full shimeji is kind of a lot of work for a joke. At *minimum* a basic shimeji is 46 frames, and I already know I'll need more if I'm going to be happy with it. It's also a weird and somewhat obscure AU so would any other fans even want a shimeji?

- Some robot masters maybe. Quick Man would be great since I've learned how to alter shimeji movement speed. GOTTA GO FAST

- Maybe a couple of other OCs from that webcomic I never got off the ground

I'm thinking of joining tumblr again, mostly as a containment so I stop posting all my nerdy junk like cosplay and whatever on Facebook, though I haven't gone past the "think up a URL" stage. The one I have in mind isn't taken. It's probably a huge mistake since it's Undertale related and I said I wasn't going to base any more screen names on fandoms. Because now I'm stuck with this Protomen related name and I'm really not into that fandom anymore, for reasons. Oh well, I still use Quick/Unit 012 from the stupid RP thing as an avatar, so whatever.

Side note, my husband, not knowing the term for shimeji, called them "chiblets" which is just adorable.


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That would be a great help. Thanks!
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