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Stage Lights Are Blaring.[WIP] by Proto012
Stage Lights Are Blaring.[WIP]
Undertale. Come for the bishie robot, stay for the cute skeletons.

This is a REALLY early rough.
Wind Mage by Proto012
Wind Mage
Art trade with My-Little-Zodia, who is a huge Vaati fan ^_^

Wouldn't it be nice if Vaati was added to Hyrule Warriors? 
Why aren't you playing Undertale?
Kamen Rider Maiden by Proto012
Kamen Rider Maiden
Commission for xONUAx and first in a series of four Metal Riders. I had more input on this one than I expect on the other three. I first suggested using spiked armor because-- of course-- of the name Iron Maiden. I then started looking at various album covers for inspiration, but still came up with nothing, until one day at the laundromat my brain screamed "POWERSLAVE" at me and I started sketching.

Maiden's helmet draws inspiration from a pharaoh's headdress, as well as the shape of an iron maiden device's head (like this There's also some Pharaoh Man (Mega Man) in there. Onua and I worked together on the weapons; he wanted hatchets and made a lot of suggestions on the shape.

The armor was largely inspired by Riders Bravo and Kivala. The plates on the hips are meant to resemble an Egyptian kilt, which a quick Google search tells me is called a shendyt.

The gold glitter texture was a sort of happy accident that happened while I was working on a different commission, and now I can't figure out how to replicate it. Sigh!

Of course, NOW I learn that one of the Riders in the new season has a Tutankhamun form, but by the time I found that out, it was far too late to turn back on this.



K. Webb
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I pronounce it "Proto-twelve." I made Derp Megaman. Sorry.


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Hey, could you help me out? I want to make the older version of the Proto Man armgun (the one made with PVC pipes). I know that you've made one of those in the pasts, so could you tell me how to do it? As in, which sizes and lengths of piping I have to specifically buy, and how to glue them all together.
That would be a great help. Thanks!
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